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This website is devoted to the Carol Day newspaper comic strip, which ran from 1956-1967, and its creator, David Wright.

Carol Day is a wonderful comic strip by a great artist. With its combination of sophisticated themes and stories, multi-dimensional characters and always magnificent art, Carol Day transcends even the best American strips of the time, but it has been woefully neglected. Though it was syndicated in around 70 papers around the world, this high-spot of the newspaper comic strip has never been collected, and it never appeared in the US. According to Patrick Wright, David's son, "even though the Hearst Newspaper did attempt to head-hunt my father in the early 1950s, it was felt Carol Day was too sophisticated for the American market!"

This website makes the art, stories and background material of this neglected strip and its creator readily available for the first time. We hope you enjoy it. Please don't hesitate to send us comments, criticisms, suggestions or any material you think should be incorporated into the site.

We will continue to add more Carol Day and David Wright material as we uncover it. If you would like to be notified when updates to the site occur, send us an email and we will add you to the update list.

"The Hauntingly Beautiful Carol Day", by Christopher Killackey

For the Winter 2015 issue of the CFA APA, noted collector Chris Killackey wrote an excellent, informative article on the rediscovery of the Carol Day art and how it made its way to the US. The CFA APA has a limited circulation, so most Carol Day fans probably haven't seen it. I thought the article would be of great interest to visitors to the site, and Chris has graciously allowed us to post it here. Click here for the article. Thanks, Chris!

Pinups from the The Sketch

We’ve just obtained about 150 prints of the celebrated pinups David Wright did for The Sketch from 1940-47 and a copy of the David Wright Portfolio that the The Sketch published in the 1940s. You can see scans of all of them in the new “The Sketch Pinups” section of the site. These contain mild nudity, so if this would offend you, don’t look!

Carol Day ebooks

Ebooks for 24 of the 35 Carol Day stories by David Wright are now available on Amazon. We would love to publish the remaining 11 stories but we lack adequate source material. If you can help with either tearsheets or original art, please get in touch! We will buy, trade, rent, borrow, or make whatever arrangement suits you to get good source material for the stories we need.

Ebay Auctions of Carol Day Original Art!
Every other Saturday at 11:30 AM Pacific time we auction a small group of Carol Day original art on ebay, always at a $9.99 opening bid and no reserve. These auctions are a great opportunity to add some Carol Day art to your collection at very reasonable prices. Check them out under my ebay id "bwooster".
Patrick Wright, son of David Wright, is the current copyright holder of Carol Day, and he has graciously allowed us to reproduce this material here. Please respect his generosity and do not pirate this material.

Roger Clark, November 2016